Doom 2 reimagined as Diablo 2 is trippy

Doom 2 reimagined as Diablo 2 is trippy as hell – Doom 2 left a huge impression on me. One of my earliest memories was sitting in front of my family’s gigantic desktop computer and (at a wildly inappropriate age) gleefully blasting away cacodemons with a BFG, watching them descend into a formless pool of gloop. Even today I remember the cheat codes — IDDQD and IDKFA, in case you were wondering. Years later (decades, actually), the original 90’s Doom games have their adh…

This is the most metal thing you’ll see

This is the most metal thing you’ll see on the web today – It really doesn’t get more br00tal than this. Tell me you’re not pumped for this title with its claws-out soundtrack. Fishing Planet, an upcoming PS4/PC fishing simulator, has the best game trailer on the internet right now, along with some gorgeous graphics. Prep your bait for its release on August 29, when it’ll be available to play for free.