What will it take to bridge Africa’s dig

What will it take to bridge Africa’s digital divide? – The digital divide —the gulf between those who have ready access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as computers and the internet and those who do not — does exist in Kenya and many parts of Africa. I got this key message during a media day in Kenya last week (16 June 2017) organized by Huawei Technologies, a technology solutions provider. Despite rapid growth in ICT, the digital divide is com… http://ow.ly/LAqp50clXvq

13 Tech Innovations to Watch – The day–t

13 Tech Innovations to Watch – The day–to–day grind can be daunting: Bills need to be paid, errands need to be run, and work must be accomplished. But occasionally, the wonders of what is possible with technology hits us. Among them are devices, systems and programs that not only make life better (read: easier), they also open up possibilities for new branches of development. To find out what recent technologies excite members of the Young Entrepreneur Council, I asked … http://ow.ly/YpuB50clKvo

10 Books Every Aspiring CEO Should Read

10 Books Every Aspiring CEO Should Read – If being a leader was easy, then everyone would do it. What exactly sets apart those who reached the pinnacle of business achievement? What is their secret sauce? As an aspiring leader, your goal should be to create not just a good company, but a great one. That’s why it’s important to study those who have gone before you. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite books to help get you started. From management to personal inspirati… http://ow.ly/dEal50clESk

New camera ditches lenses for thinner-th

New camera ditches lenses for thinner-than-paper design – Researchers at Caltech have come up with a new digital camera design that does away with the need for optics. The new technology uses an optical phased array to capture light at different times with different focus, thus creating an entire image. Traditional cameras require a lens or pinholes to focus light onto a sensor, which makes them bulky. This would eliminate that protruding camera lens from the back of ce… http://ow.ly/2QxY50clhhp